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Eastern High Science
  1. Chemistry Topics: 1) Matter and Measurement, 2) Atoms, Molecules, and Ions, 3) Stoichiometry, 4) Aqueous Solutions, 5) Thermochemistry, 6) Periodic Properties, 7) Solids, Liquids, and Gases, 8) Chemical Bonding, 9) Molecular Geometry, 10) Properties of Solutions, 11) Chemical Kinetics, 12) Chemical Equilibrium, 13) Acid-Base Chemistry, 14) Thermodynamics, 15) Electrochemistry, 16) Nuclear Chemistry



Site Mission is owned and published using Dreamweaver by David Steineker.  Mr. Steineker has taught science for 18 years in the Jefferson County Public School System.  Mr. Steineker was awarded an United States Patent in Ethanol Distillation on March 22, 2011 for designing an ethanol distillation system that works to keep High Yield Yeast alive and in peak production of ethanol.  Mr. Steineker is a published author in education, and in his book comparisons are made between a finite universe and an infinite universe.  Also, light is published as being defined as an allotrope, in contrast to its current definition as a mixture of colors. 

As an educator, the teacher is called to provide the student with real world experience. is a tool that Mr. Steineker uses to engage his students to connect their learning with a real world audience.  This is an educational website, thus the goal is to prepare the student with knowledge of how to think and write as a group on science and how to capture an audience as an independent writer on a science topic.