Sydney White                                Sydney White
Carbon Dioxide how much is too much?

Fossil fuels are burned to create useable heat for both industrial and domestic uses. There are many forms of fossil fuels including coal, gasoline, and diesel fuel.  While it is obvious that our society cannot function without the burning of fossil fuels, our environment is paying the price. When fossil flues are burned they create a poisonous gas called carbon dioxide. Some of the negative effects carbon dioxide has on our environment are increased acidity in oceans; effects plant growth and chemistry, and increased temperatures in the atmosphere (or global warming).
Since the Industrial Revolution the world’s oceans have become 26% more acidic. Because it is a heavy gas, carbon dioxide will sink to the lowest level possible, In this case its sea level. By having carbon dioxide in the ocean, it will affect the shell growth in marine animals. A lot of the shell fish animals such as lobster, coral, and shrimp will be harmed. The entire ecosystem of the world’s oceans is changing and the effects will undoubtedly affect many areas of our lives in the future.  
Carbon dioxide affects plant growth because the increasing of CO2 will cause temperatures to rise. If the temperatures rise, this will make deserts and other dry areas grow. When there are intense storms, the water falling down hard doesn’t have time to soak into the ground. On the other hand, it builds up above the soil and causes plants to be damaged. From the flood, a lot of water will go into creeks, rivers then to the ocean carrying fertilizer and soil. Plants that flourish today could be in danger if CO2 levels continue to rise in the atmosphere.
Everyday human activates such as driving a car or heating a house with gas can produce carbon dioxide.  Another major problem with this is global warming. If the earth continues to get warmer and warmer, the results are likely to be catastrophic.  We have always had storms, but warmer water fuels storms causing them to be more frequent and stronger.  Think of it as adding fuel to a fire.  This has and will continue to take human lives.  As humans we need to know when to stop producing so much carbon.   Because we can’t see or smell carbon dioxide, it is easy to ignore and we don’t think about how much we are producing.
The use of carbon dioxide has had effects on our environment. We need to cut down on the production of it. If we do this, less plants and animals will be harmed.  Our children and grandchildren will not suffer for our lack of concern or effort.   “Carbon dioxide emissions in the United States increased by about 10% between 1990 and 2011.” It is time to reverse this trend through new, safer fuels and changes in our lifestyles.  If we want the rate of carbon dioxide emissions to go down, which we should, now is the time for change.  If we continue to ignore this problem it will be too late.

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