Carbon Dioxide
By Joseph Fowler
Text Box: Figure 1: I burn fossil fuelsjoseph1Carbon Dioxide is something produced by the burning of fossil fuels. Why does this matter? Carbon dioxide is a gas that is deadly to living things if consumed in large amounts. It is being used excessively now, in my opinion. Now, yes, there is Carbon Dioxide flowing through your veins, but too much will kill you. Fossil fuels are burned for energy – wither it be energy for cars or factories.
Text Box: Figure 2: Dying Coral          What can Carbon Dioxide effect, you may ask? Well, it is heavier than air, so it can go to the lower point or sea level. The Carbon Dioxide-infected seawater affects aquatic creatures such as corals and shellfish, and they lose their protective covering. This will be very drastic in the long run, as with fewer shell-forming organisms, the marine food chain as a whole will be affected – which is not a good thing. This means Long John Silver’s may be less and less common. Several scientists are claiming that marine ecosystems are being threatened, and that acidity in the sea has increased 26% since the beginning of the industrial revolution.
Text Box: Figure 3: Volcanic activity over the yearsjoseph2          All this carbon dioxide also affects the air as well. Scientists claim, they create greenhouse gasses, which heats the earth. This climate change can affect things like volcanoes. The heating of the Earth may also result in the heating of volcanoes – which could cause them to erupt. This isn’t crazy talk. Since the invention of gas-powered cars, there has been an increase in volcanic                                        activity. Not only does carbon dioxide choke the sea and the air, but also people. Apparently, the huge amounts of greenhouse gases caused by carbon dioxide increase the number of people with asthma.
Some scientists say that Carbon Dioxide has fixed a few problems, such as fixing some droughts and making some areas more lush and green. This may be true, but people are getting asthma, marine life is dying, and the Earth is heating. I personally see all this buildup of Carbon Dioxide as overall negative. So, in conclusion, I think more electric cars should be produced, and people should be more prepared for the results of the Earth heating up, like potential Volcano eruptions in response to the overwhelming amounts of carbon dioxide.