Chemistry and Ortho go Hand in Hand actually...

by Lauren Buchanan
lauren b
Orthodontist aren’t just people that put braces on people’s raggedy, crooked teeth. Orthodontist have a goal to help your teeth and jaw began to work together. The jaw and your teeth work together help solve or in early cases help prevent serious problems of your bite, over and under bites. They spend extra years in dental school or maybe college training after they graduate in dentistry.
Dental programs always require that chemistry is a college prerequisite. To get into dental school you need courses of general and organic chemistry. Orthodontist aren’t like most chemist you see in movies or on television. Those display the stereotype that chemist are only people that spend time in a lab all day mixing chemicals together in glass tubes or beakers. No orthodontist aren’t in a lab, but they do mix chemicals together. They need to know how the human body and chemistry play with or against each other when something like lactic acid or fluoride affect a human’s teeth.


Careers in Chemistry

By: Emma Rickert

emma1The Career you choose is very important. It’s a decision that usually decides the rest of your life like how much money you make and where you’ll live. Lately I’ve realized how many careers really relate to chemistry in some way. I’ve thought about thought about being a chef so many times before. People say cooking is more of a science than an art… so now I’m not so sure.
Chefs rely on several chemical reactions to get the food we eat to look and taste so good. Reactions such as the Maillard reaction which gives meat, bread, and onions their crispy brown exterior, Leavening reaction which gives food lift, And emulsifying reaction which is used when mixing oil and vinegar. So in this situation chemistry is used in a more subtle way some careers are a little more obvious.
emma2          Say I wanted to be an oceanographer. An oceanographer studies the ocean. So id have to know how to identify the dissolved elements in the sea water and know the oceans numerous chemical and biochemical cycles. Id have to study the origin and evolution of sea water, and of the sediment that covers the sea floor. I’d Also have to study the significant changes of ocean chemistry.
You would be better off financially becoming an oceanographer because you’d be making around 100,000 a year while as a chef you’d be making around 70’000 either way you would be making pretty good money. Now which one is more interesting and fun is up to you whether the use of chemistry is subtle or obvious you will most likely use it in your day to day life.


Comparing Careers
By: Natalie Bernardi
Determining what you’re going to do after high school is probably the hardest things students have to plan before graduating. College is most definitely a priority I have but choosing my career path will be a little bit of a challenge. I have picked two careers to compare and hopefully this will help me establish an idea of what I might study and how for how long. After I gradate I will probably be attending the University of Louisville which starts off my education for both careers, unless an opportunity comes up to change my mind.
Text Box: Figure 1: If I become a nurseme as a nurse.jpg            My first interest in a career is to become an RN (registered nurse). A lot of people want to become a nurse, or at least they mention it once or twice growing up so some think we don’t really need anymore. To become an RN you are required either a bachelors or associates degree along with a nursing diploma. Along with specific education, an RN must be able to communicate with people and be sympathetically and emotionally capable to handle tough situations that some many not. Registered nurses interact with both patients and doctors on a daily basis whether it’s evaluating symptoms or helping on the operation table. Before being allowed to treat patients, you must memorize health and safety guidelines along with excessive training including CPR. Registered nurses are actually a lot more useful than one might think. You probably interact with RNs both in hospitals and in doctors’ offices. Depending on where you work determines your hours and the amount of money you make. RNs who work in hospitals make up to an average of $63,880 per year. Then, those who work in offices make up to an average of $59,210 per year.
Text Box: Figure 2: If I become a pharmacistme as a pharmacist.jpgAnother career that appealed to me was becoming a pharmacist. Some may think that being a pharmacist is a piece of cake but it actually requires at most 13 years completing all of the training. In order to even be considered to be a pharmacist, you must have a completed Pharm.D and pass the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination to get a license.  One must also complete clinic work plus two years of Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences to get a basic understanding of how things work. Pharmacists are responsible for filling prescriptions and also work to help explain to patients how dosages work with their issues so they should be fluent with communicating. In order to do this job you should be very organized and understand detailed dosages. Pharmacists work depending on the hours at their pharmacy and make a median of $122,000per year.
As you could tell there are distinct differences and also a few similarities in the two careers. A pharmacist does make a whole lot more money but it also requires a lot more schooling and time. A registered nurse on the other hand is a great job but it requires the emotion capability of possibly witnessing traumatic experiences. Luckily for me, I still have a few years to make my career plan but now I have some choices and the requirements to help me plan when its time to choose.


Career in Chemistry
Kilian Hernandez
Chemistry – Mr. Steineker
May 20, 2015







Career in Chemistry
There are many great career choices in the field of chemistry. I am most interested in the careers of a firefighter and a pharmacist. I would like to be a firefighter because I could help other people and stay active as an adult. I would also consider a career as a pharmacist because I am interested in medicine and I can help people with their medications.

Me -Kilian

I would like to have a job where I am not sitting at a desk all day. I think becoming a firefighter would be a good career choice because I would have to stay in shape to do my job and I would never be bored. And at the same time, I’m helping people in my community. Firefighters not only control fires but also respond to other emergencies, such as car accidents, or other medical emergencies. The work shifts are 24 hours, where you eat, sleep, and stay on call. The work can be dangerous but it is worth it because you are helping people and many times you will save people lives. The median of pay is $45,250 per year. You don’t necessarily need a college degree to become a firefighter, but I would definitely get a degree to better my chances moving up the ranks, which will allow me to earn a higher income. I’m fortunate to know that I will be able to go to college as my parents set up a college fund early on for my sister and me. They believe that providing a good education to their children is one of the most important parenting things they can do.


I think becoming a pharmacist would be another good career choice for me. I would like a job where I help people and also make a lot of money. A pharmacist dispenses prescription medications to patients and also explains patients how to use the drugs safely. Pharmacists also offer health and wellness screenings and provide immunizations. Becoming a pharmacist will require a lot more education than becoming a firefighter. After the 4 year undergraduate school, you need also to earn a doctor degree in pharmacy which will take an additional 4 years. A pharmacist has a big responsibility as any mistake can be cause severe harm to a patient. That is why the median pay for a pharmacist is $116,670 per year. With the income of a pharmacist, I can afford many more things and provide a better lifestyle for my family one day.


A firefighter and pharmacist are both careers, where you help people one way or another which is important to me. As a pharmacist I would have much more money; however, I think the job of a firefighter would be much closer to my interests. As a career choice is a long term goal, I believe you should choose what you have the most interest in.