Childhood Obesity

by Hanna Allen

Childhood obesity is a serious health issue defined as being well over the healthy weight for a particular age and/or height. Childhood obesity is a serious and persistent issue across the United States today. Many perspectives and opinions come into place when determining the causes of this health issue. Parents should standardize the diet of their children and regulate the amount of physical activity they are participating in each day. As exposing children to a lack of self-discipline at too young of an age, parents are potentially setting their child up for future health issues and bad dieting which can lead to a decrease in life expectancy and permanently damages usual functioning of the body.  
Hanna Allen            First and foremost, parents should maintain the diet of their children. Parents should be aware of what children are putting into their body and how that effects their health. Children should have healthy options when wanting a quick snack; still, this can be reflected upon the parents. Parents decide what types of food are brought home from the grocery store and ultimately influencing their health. If a parent is going to buy unhealthy food then the child will most likely be eating the unhealthy foods that impacts the child’s weight and metabolism.
Parents are their children’s biggest role model and should influence the amount of physical activity they are engaged in each day.  A child should have nearly 60 minutes of physical activity a day, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Even if parents don’t get much physical activity themselves, it is possible to encourage their children to go out to play or take a walk around the neighborhood. Also, if the parents are overweight too, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to join the child in physical activity.  Again, parents are the child’s greatest role model and can greatly influence their lack of engagement in physical activity.
What many parents don’t realize is that their child’s unhealthy eating habits are a reflection of them and how they raise them. A child who eats whatever they want, whenever they want is adapting a lack of self-discipline. This is a bad habit to become accustomed to because not only are they effecting their health but setting themselves up for future health issues. These bad habits that are difficult to reverse, will carry on with them until they are adults; eventually, these habits will lead to a decrease in life expectancy and permanently damage usual functioning of the body.   Childhood obesity is a major issue in the United States that is often overlooked by the people it effects the most.  Many things contribute to the unhealthy life styles of Americans today, whether it be genetics, financial situation, or busy schedules; however, this can be easily avoided by maintaining healthy diets, exercising, and developing self-discipline at a young age.
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