Childhood Obesity


By Tyler Wills

Childhood obesity is a bigger problem than what most people think. Dealing with childhood obesity or just obesity for that matter can be really challenging for many families. The cause of childhood obesity is actually very simple. The cause of childhood obesity is diet and lack of exercise.
Diet and lack of exercise isn’t only just the cause of obesity but also a whole plethora of other health related diseases. The parents could be obese to which can influence the child into an unhealthy lifestyle. The number of children who are obese just keeps increasing more and more every single year. In 1980 the percent of obese children was at about 7%. From 1980 until 2012 the rate has almost already tripled at 19%. Remember that rate was only for children we haven’t even talked about the obese adults. In the same time frame the obese rate for adults rose from about 5% to 20%. This means the amount of obese adults quadrupled. That is a significant increase over 32 years.
The reason a children’s diet causes obesity is quite simple actually. The foods that children eat could be high in sugar and fat, which isn’t good for you no matter how old you are. Everyone knows that kids love cakes, cookies, ice cream and candy because adults love them too. This is why children and adults need to eat their sweets in moderation. Too much of these foods aren’t good for you even if it is your favorite. I’m not just saying you shouldn’t eat these sweets because they’ll only make you fat, I’m saying it because these foods can ruin your health and your life. If you are obese or if you eat these foods too often it can cause some serious health risks. A few of these health risks are of course obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, depression and eating disorders. A few of these diseases and effects are life threatening. Even the ones that aren’t life threatening is still very serious and could cause you a great amount of pain.
The reason a lack of exercise can cause obesity is almost the same as a bad diet. In order to not gain weight and become obese you have to burn calories. When you eat food your body stores the calories from that food. Those cakes, cookies, ice creams and candies children are eating are high in calories, fats and sugar. The average calorie intake for children is about 1,600 to 2,500 calories per day. Whenever you eat something the calories that children don’t burn is stored. The more calories that are stored and aren’t burned turn into fat. This is why no matter what age the person is they need to stay active. There are only benefits to being active there are no negative effects. Technology nowadays plays a huge role on how active the child is. Children like to watch TV, play video games and do other things; the list goes on and on. Sometimes while watching TV or playing video games children get hungry, so they eat and play the video game. This is not good. The amount children play on these consoles are endless hours, which means the children isn’t being active for that whole amount of time. If the child is eating something that isn’t too healthy that is just more calories being stored.
There is a very simple solution to combat obesity. Just change your diet and exercise more. This means eat your sweets in moderation. Exchange the sweets for fruit and vegetables. This doesn’t sound very fun but it will surely help you out in the long run. In order to become more active children can go outside and play or go walking around their neighborhood. Children don’t need to join a gym to be active. This method of combating obesity sounds very easy, which it kind of is. But somehow many children and adults still struggle with grasping the concept and making good health decisions. A few easy tips to help children stay on track and become healthier is to only eat fast food rarely, replace water with soda or juice, eat small portions of sweets, try reduced fat or reduced sugar food and to have the child get off the video game or computer and go outside.
If the child has a healthy diet and exercise on a daily basis the child will lose weight. Many adults have tried to lose weight and they end up never sticking to the diet. Anyone can lose weight your just have to have the will power to do so and the motivation. Just by being obese you are at such a greater risk for getting many types of diseases. There is nothing wrong with being healthy and enjoying your life disease free.
By following these easy steps I have lost a significant amount of weight.

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