Climate Change
Text Box: Figure 1  Older picture of Lake Orovillefull lake Oroville.jpg            Climate change has affected a lot of places.  Places that usually get a lot of rain, are not now, why is this?  This is because rain patterns are changing throughout the U.S.  The reason this is happening is because of tropical climates are becoming dry and the rain that is usually there has now began a northward expansion.  This is causing harmful and serious changes to places throughout the U.S.  One place very affected by this is California.  California and the majority of the west has been going through one of the worst droughts in history that we know of.  It’s been going on for around three years now and constantly been getting worse.
This has been being called the “megadrought.” This drought has been caused by climate change and mostly human activities.  Some of the activities that have caused this serious situation are: Widespread clearings of trees which weaken the soil and cause it to hold less water, and constructing dams can also caused droughts by not letting enough water to get to one side of the river then causing it to dry up.  By cutting down these vast amounts of trees it dries out the ground and triggers desertification.  Desertification is the spread of desert conditions caused by climate change and or human activities.  Unless they do something to change, this then this problem might continue to get worse. 
The idea of a “megadrought” is that it is a drought that will last for a decade or longer.  The fact that California isn’t even close to nearing the end of this horrifying climate change drought is kind of scary for the people in California.  Yet they continue to do thing that will worsen the condition in the west.  The things they have to do is clear forests to help try and get fuel.  Now –a-days everybody in the world almost needs fuel in some type of way.  So California is just doing what they need to do to help people get through their days.  By doing this though they are causing bad huge changes to the climate and to their own state and then west. 
A way to prepare for this would to start to be able to suck ground water up.  By doing this they can continue to get water if the worst case scenario happens.  The worst case scenario would be that if climate change actually continues this drought and cause it to become the “megadrought.”   Though this drought has little to do with climate change and mostly human activities climate changes has still caused and continues to cause drought everywhere.  The reason climate change is usually an essential role is because of how it tampers with the normal weather and usually makes it hot in the cases of a drought.  Because of climate change there are greater chances to the drought in California staying there for a long time. 
Text Box: Figure 2  Present day picture of Lake OrovilleDry Lake Oroville.jpg            In this paper I used California because right now in the U.S. that is one of the most known droughts in recent history.  This can continue to get worse due to climate change and human activities.  In this situation the climate change that is affective the west is caused by the human activities that they are performing.  Just by driving to work every day you are burning more fossil fuels which is causing more carbon to get into the atmosphere and then causes climate change.  By cutting down the trees in California is causing less oxygen and other gases we breath to be omitted from the tress into the air.  By doing this activity to citizens are causing more climate change and therefore making the drought worse.  So if actions like this continue then droughts will continue to get worse and expand.









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