Mallory DeWitt
Integrated Science
Ebola essay

Ebola is a deadly virus, not bacteria, so antibiotics will not affect it during treatment. Another
reason that Ebola resists treatment is because it wears down your immune system to the point where
you can no longer fight it off on your own, and at the same time it starts quickly replicating itself
throughout your body. 90% of people who contract the disease die, and a large majority of that percent
Text Box: Figure 1 Mallory Dewitt examines Ebolamallory1die because they may not have direct medical access to treat the virus when they first notice it.

Ebola causes internal and external bleeding. As it replicates throughout your body, it destroys
your immune system and organs. Overall, it causes your blood-clotting cells to deteriorate, causing
extreme and uncontrollable bleeding. The virus can survive in liquid or dried material outside of the
body for a number of days. Ebola virus is transmitted through direct contact with the blood or bodily
Text Box: Figure 2 Ebola under the microscopemallory2fluids of any kind. There is no vaccination for Ebola because vaccines are meant to attack viral infections,
and they use parts of the virus that are no longer alive, to create immunity from the virus. The reason
they have not come up with a vaccination for Ebola yet, is because they haven’t had enough research
conducted about the virus, and the most places where this epidemic has occurred is in third world
countries where they do not have enough supporting money for extensive research or funding for a


                the FDA is called the federal drug administration for a reason. They must clear every drug that
scientists want to distribute, because sometimes the drugs that scientists come up aren’t safe to the
public. Ebola is underestimated because it mainly occurs in foreign countries where people have no
medical knowledge of this epidemic. There is no known cure for Ebola yet because they have not
conducted enough research on the virus. The origin of the disease is thought to be transmitted by bats,
or through infected meat of animals bitten by the bats. This method of transmission shows how humans
can easily contract the disease when food is not processed correctly or how people touch dead bodies
during burial services in other countries. The real known cause for Ebola is unknown, but it is considered
to be alien by British scientists, claiming that it came to earth via a meteorite in space.

Initial response:
Ebola is a widespread disease, but with treatment and precautions, we can dwindle the amount of people being affected.
Ebola is a very deadly and dangerous disease. Through reading about it, I have realized just how
severe the issue really is. Although it might not be an epidemic in the United States yet, it very well soon
can be. I am aware that we may not have found a cure or an initial prevention for the virus, but I think
that it is very important for everyone, nurses and doctors treating the patients as well, to take large
precautions so that this virus will not spread to a larger population.