Global Warming, affecting everyone.
By: Kameron Ison


Global warming is affecting the world in major ways. It is making the ocean more acidic, polluting major nations such as China. The use of nonrenewable resources such as fossil fuel is only increasing the effects, and if we keep relying on them we will eventually run out.

The ocean waters have become about 30% more acidic since the Industrial Revolution. This is affecting aquatic life, which also affects people that rely on fish as their main source of money and food. The only way to reduce the acidity is to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions. Scientist predict that by 2100, if the acidic levels keep increasing at the same rate, the acidic level will increase by 170%.

Kameron Ison
Figure 1 Kameron out on a walk.
In China, Global Warming has worsened the pollution, so much that you can see the smog. People in China have to wear gas mask if they want to go outside at all. It is also melting glaciers that cause flood and mudslides, which devastates the areas the Sichuan-Tibet Highways. China is affected in many ways, such as the water level increasing in Hong Kong by 0.12 meters, 7% of the glaciers have melted, the crop output has dropped by 37%, and it cost china around $7.8 billion a year. The reason that it is so bad in China is that they are surrounded by mountains, which traps in quite a bit of the pollution.

We use nonrenewable resources such as fossil fuel for most aspects of life. We use it to power our device, so that we can cool down on hot days, we use it to fuel our cars. Fossil fuel may be pretty good for making power, however there are a few problems with. The first problem is that it releases a lot of carbon into the air, which add to the greenhouse effect, and is also a major pollutant. The second problem is that it takes around 100 years for more to form, so we may eventually run, meaning we would have to find a new source of energy that works just as well and if we can’t it could affect everyone. One alternative for fossil fuels that scientist are trying to make is the artificial leaf. Scientist are trying to copy the leaves ability to make energy with sunlight and water. The scientist name is Professor Daniel Nocera and he wants to make to where humans can store energy like leaves do. His uses a piece of silicon covered with a catalyst to create energy. This technology could change how we make and store energy and have a major effect on pollution.