Hemp and Society

by Kolton Hill

ford hempI think that the growth of hemp is very good for our society. Hemp could change our society as a whole and legalizing hemp could lead to a better lifestyle altogether. The three main questions I want to look at are, why is hemp illegal, what can you do with hemp, and why are we just now wanting to legalize it. There are many things you can do with hemp, you can make paper, you can make medicines, you can even make more durable material than metal, there should be no real reason it is illegal. But there are, and I will try my best to explain why.

                First off why is hemp illegal? Hemp is illegal because it is a type of drug; it is related to the commonly known plant known as marijuana. Although hemp is a very weak version of the plant type and at most can only give you a headache. Many farmers would grow massive plantations of hemp and hidden within are patches of "Mary Jane". The government tried to have a way around this but alternatively failed. They would try sending special workers to examine the fields and also they tried to have only certified farmers to grow hemp. These systems failed so the alternative of growing it was to get rid of it, farmers would no longer be able to grow hemp due to the smugglers.

                Next up is what all hemp can do, I could list hundreds of things that hemp can do. It can be used as fuel, medicine, paper, cardboard, clothes, fabric, plastic, and even food. Due to what I stated previously with it looking much like marijuana, there is no current production of the plant. If we did begin farming hemp again, I believe it would allow to technological advancements in the future. If hemp can be used for a wide variety of things, instead of solar power we could run on hemp oils and fuels for our cars and tools. A quick growing, eco-friendly way to make power

                Lastly why are we just now debating why to legalize hemp, over 30 big name countries are growing hemp and laughing at us because we’re not. Were deciding on growing hemp now because of all the uses, we have not come up with a "working" technique on how to grow hemp, but there is definitely a need to have hemp, hemp has such a wide variety of uses that in the 1600's to the early 1800'd hemp could even be used as currency. The bill to allow hemps production should be decided within this next year and then we can see about making this world a better, more eco-friendly world.

                As stated many of times throughout this passage hemp should most certainly be legalized due to its wide variety of uses. Along with this, the growing of hemp would allow more people jobs and it would improve Kentucky’s economy providing more profit to our state. If hemp was legal I feel that our economical stand point would advance further and faster due to the production of hemp.