George A. Olah By Holly Anderson

Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1994

holly1George Andrew Olah is a strong man that has been through a lot through his life. I find it amazing that he was able to accomplish all that he did.
Olah begin his life most interesting in literature and history, not chemistry. He went to school and studied hard through the years. Living in Budapest during the 1920’s and 30’s was a struggle because he grew up in between two world wars. Luckily he was able to grow up strong and able to fight when needed. School was greatly forced upon him when he was growing up so if he survived the wars he could get out with a high education. In order to broaden his knowledge he practiced and studied hard for all of the subjects. In college he developed an interest for organic chemistry. From there he found himself has an assistant for the senior professor of organic chemistry.
“My father was a lawyer and to my best knowledge nobody in my family before had interest in science.” –George A. Olah
holly2The professor he had started working with, Geza Zemplem, had started his own school and created a foundation for students. It was an honor to take his classes and an even bigger honor to be his assistant. Olah worked without pay even. Zemplem and Olah worked together on testing different reactions with organic compounds. During this time of learning and experimenting, George A. Olah recorded his observations and discoveries. He created well written equations and notes for other scientist to read and learn about. Other chemist be looked up to read and studied his work that intrigued him to continue on with his interests.
With all the wars going on at the time he moved quite a bit making his consistency of his work a challenge. He did not let this effect his mindset. Olah married his wife Judy and they stayed together for a long time. She even began to study chemistry too. This rapidly increased his work ethic and created some of his most productive discoveries. They thought the idea of working together would be better because George A. Olah did not have much interest or hobby in anything else but Chemistry and Sciences. Everywhere he went he was promoted to very high positions for his work. Even though he left place after place, he never failed to impress and out shine the other Scientists at work.
holly3George A. Olah was rewarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry at the age of 67. By then he was still learning but he had also been working hard for a very long time. It not only made him feel good personally it made him feel good socially and wanted everyone who had helped him throughout the years feel rewarded. He says winning the prize can get to some people’s heads but he made it his goal to not let it affect his work and life overall.
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