The Methane Plant
Cassidy Howard
Have you heard about the company that planned to build a $40 million methane plant that converts food waste into methane gas in west Louisville? There are many concerns and compliants along with health and saftey hazards associated with this plan. Representative Mary Woolridge states "I am the biggest cheerleader for economic development, especially when it comes to west Louisville. I'm the biggest cheerleader, but not when it comes to this type of development." I very much agree with this statement 100%.
Many neighbors are worried about the methane gas being exposed to the air. Methane is the primary source of natural gas, a common fuel source. Methane can be destructive to the climate because of how it can absorb heat. If methane is exposed into the air before being used it can absorb the sun's heat, which would cause the atmosphere to warm up. This is the reason it is a greenhouse gas that is emitted in the U.S. from human activity. Our air is already polluted from gas from cars, cigarette smoke, etc. we dont need to add another to our list to harm us even more.
One thing many people enjoy the most is piece and quite and personal space. If the plan processeds about building the new bio degenerator the quality of life would be destroyed. There would be increase of  noise, trucks filled with food waste going up and down the street, odors, and maybe even flooding of sewers by the huge amount of water made by the digesters.
Another problem with the methane plant would be the nasty odor.  Just think about that nasty smell when you walk into a classrom and it smells like someone farted but its really the sewer and it makes your stomach turn. This is an example of what the methane plant could smell like or dairy farms. Many dairy farms across the U.S. use anaerobic biodigesters full of cow manure. Instead,the methanne plant would have  anaerobic biodigesters full of food waste, and they both smell really bad. Distillery waste smells just as bad as cow manure and if it is not managed well it can result in a putrid stench.
The methane plant would be a good idea in some cases but putting it in the middle of a neighborhood  is not such a good idea. There is also a school near by and it could harm those kids if there was anything to go wrong. Now that you have heard about the Methane plant and how it could have many  health risks, odors, disturbs peace, and could casue traffic where there is already plenty of it in west Louisville.  Do you think they should build this methane plant in this neighborhood near this JCPS school?