Sarin Gas and War
By: Jeremy Smith

The debate over the American military using force against Syria is a very bad idea. Because if we strike they will strike back and it will be a whole lot worse. Because they have a substance that can spread. Some people won’t say that but it really is true and if it happened what else would they use. Why do the people in Syria use sarin gas it only makes things worse. And if we try to stop it. It’ll make things worse how did this even happen. How was this caused and what do we need to do to control this chemical from making it even worse. What I think is not even worry about it until they try to attack us and what else I think is that they shouldn’t even have made the gas because it could eventually go out of control.

How you know you have sarin gas in you. Is that you are having signs of dizziness, watery eyes, confusion, diarrhea, very bad headaches, it could be either slow or fast heart rate and drooling rapidly or sweating badly and more these are most of the signs that you have sarin gas in your system. If you have any of these and it is really bad. I would call 911 immediately to see what is wrong with you cause it could be you have sarin gas in you. And if you don’t call you could get really sick and have possibly a death if its not treated right away.  Jeremy1

How sarin gas is treated is removing the gas from your body and medical care from a hospital. And there are antidotes to help it out to get rid of the sarin the body that it is affected in. And usually when you have sarin gas in your body you have to treat it immediately. If you don’t it could really affect you and get worse. And you could die if you don’t treat it as soon as possible. And what you really shouldn’t do is when you have sarin gas in you. Is try to get it out by vomiting that could make it a lot more worse. What you really should do is call 911 if you have sarin gas in you.
If you are in an environment that has this gas. What I would prefer is to leave that area as soon as possible and go to a place where it has fresh air. So the sarin does not get into your system so you don’t get infected and not need medical help. If you think you have been exposed by the gas remove your clothing and wash your body with soap and water and get medical help as soon as you can. If it has even been swallowed don’t try to vomit it out or drink anything. That will spread it and you could possibly die quicker. Try not to do any of that and get medical help as soon as possible if it has been swallowed.

All this information I told you will help you out a lot. If you get infected by the sarin gas and it will save your life. Another thing is to make sure to stay out of the parts that people say that has sarin gas there. Because if you don’t know what it is. You can get really sick from it and possibly die from it. And what we really should do is only use the sarin gas on testing life for example what dies and what can live. We really shouldn’t use this gas to wipe out a part of the population all we need this for is for testing. And from researching on sarin gas it really helped me out and I learned a lot from this gas. Like how it should really be used, How it is cause and a lot more where that came from. Sarin gas is really bad and if its around you .I would get out of that area immediately so you can stay safe because that gas is really harmful to you.




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