Sarin use in Syria

by Victoria Boller

Victoria B1
Sad Photo – Sarin.

Sarin is being use in Syria, used as a weapon. In this report I will tell how the chemical is made, how it affects the body and I will be explaining which gasmask should be used to protect you from Sarin and how to protect yourself from it.

First of all, Sarin is an organophosphorus compound with the formula [(CH3)2CHO] CH3P (O) F. It is a colorless, odorless liquid, used as a chemical weapon owing to its extreme potency as a nerve agent. It has been classified as a weapon of mass destruction. Sarin, the deadly nerve gas, was developed in Germany during World War II. Even at very low concentrations, sarin can be fatal. Death may follow in one minute after direct ingestion of a lethal dose unless antidotes, typically atropine and pralidoxime, are quickly administered.

You may ask, what does Sarin do to the body? Sarin does not directly kill. Rather, within seconds, it turns our own nervous systems against us. Being exposed to Sarin could cause a runny nose, watery eyes, small pinpoint pupils, eye pain, blurred vision, drooling, excessive sweating, cough, chest tightness and more.

Victoria B2
Sarin Formula – Gas Mask.

There are some ways to protect you from the nerve gas, Sarin. As mentioned before, there is an antidote for Sarin called pralidoxime. You could use that or a coconut charcoal gasmask.

Sarin is a nerve gas used first back in WWII. It will cause many symptoms and may even cause death. Of course, the creators made an antidote and called it pralidoxime. A coconut charcoal gasmask can protect you from this harmful chemical warfare gas.





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