Rebecca1Stefan W. Hell
By: Rebecca Hutchens
Stefan W. Hell won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2014. Stefan along with two others were awarded great honor of the Nobel Prize.  Stefan was commended for his improvement of microscope studies in simple terms. Stefan Rebecca2was awarded because he was the first to experiment with increasing the resolution of the light microscope. Stefan’s experiments led an improvement of the previous resolution of less than 200 nanometers.
Stefan’s great achievements came long after his many years of study in Germany. After being born in Romania, he then moved along with his family to Germany, where the magic began. Stefan studied for many years at Heidelberg University, eventually earning a doctorate in physics. Stefan later went on to become a successful professor at Heidelberg University after gaining that degree. After college Stefan found himself in the experimentation portion of his life, he with his degrees put his knowledge into action. After years of forming his reputation he gained his role in the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry. Stefan began his extensive research and experimentation of the microscope at this time. About 5 years late Stefan developed the Nanobiophotonics sector.
Stefan in his later years has written of his findings, which won him the Nobel Prize. Rebecca3Stefan should be praised for being the first to stray from the precedent, the precedent being Abbe’s concept of a limited resolution light microscope. Stefan spreads light that a chemist job is never done, improvements could always be made. Stefan setting the prime example that the light microscope was literally at only half of it’s potential.  Stefan has continued his research and we should all be awaiting great improvements to come, Stefan has set a prime example that all will be able to base their new studies. Stefan began in Germany but has made his knowledge travel worldwide. Stefan along with the three other winners of the Nobel Prize 2014, have set a new precedent for chemistry that we should all work to improve upon.


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