Sydney Koerner                                                                                                              3/9/14
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            There has been a long debate on whether hemp, or cannabis, production has been outlawed in the United States. Many believe it should be allowed and that is it harmless and others believe that it is disruptive and dangerous. The state of Colorado decided to make hemp production and use legal. They are the first and only state as of right now to have done that. Many disagree with it but by doing this; they have made the research on this plant very advanced. dsFER

Five reasons why hemp has been outlawed in most of the United States is for one, and this is the main reason as to why it’s illegal, there are a huge percentage of mainly teens, but also adults, which put hemp to the same use as recreational marijuana. It also causes many accidents and in a lot of cases, can indirectly cause death. It can be laced with other drugs that can cause bigger reactions or ‘highs’ than just plain hemp. If it was to be laced with another drug, it could cause some diseases. It is also highly misused by people all over the world. Teens use it in parties and to get “high” which kills a lot of brain cells.

This is a photograph of a hemp plantation during its harvesting season. DFJKEDR

This is a photograph of the modern uses of the hemp plant.